What is e-commerce?

E-commerce enables buyers and sellers to transact in a virtual world.


With the advent of e-commerce websites, companies can access clients even thousands of miles away from their geographical establishment and establish healthy and profitable business relationships instantly. In the last decade, the scope of e-commerce has expanded significantly with more and more traditional "brick and mortar" companies opting for ecommerce websites which can reach out to millions of clients from different corners of the world.


Starky Enterprises delivers consistant profits through e-commerce ventures through adopting an innovative and niche market e-commerce strategy.

What We Do

Starky Enterprises takes the principal role in designing and launching e-commerce businesses. Our strategy is to capitalize on niche business opportunities by building effective, high converting and SEO optimized websites.


We have an outsourced team of international professionals who have years of valuable experience in, and in-depth knowledge of, ecommerce and internet marketing. Starky Enterprises thus combines expertise in the fields of SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, website design and other online skillsets to deliver solid consistant results and profitability. This strategy has allowed us to create many profitable websites which can compete in both mature and niche markets.


While most of our companies operate in niche industries (and can thus not be disclosed for competition purposes), an examples one of our companies is Height Increasing Altitude Shoes. Height Increasing Altitude Shoes services an international niche market through ecommerce.


We have three teams working on this site:

  • Internet Marketing. Our SEO and PPC experts ensure that the site attracts enough traffic for excellent profitability.
  • Website Conversions. Our coding and design experts ensure that the site converts traffic into sales optimally.
  • Manufacturing and logistics. Our sourcing and transport experts allow us to
our Solutions include


Designing e-commerce websites
Coding and back end management of e-commerce websites
Locating and negotiating with manufacturers
End customer delivery logistics
Outsourcing team coordination and management

For more information, please contact info@starkyenterprises.com.